OXYTOCIN Atomic Lantern

The OXYTOCIN Atomic Lantern is a WORK IN PROGRESS.

Here's a sneak peak; we love working with the garage door open!

Burning Man 2022

OXYTOCIN (n): a neuropeptide involved in social bonding, reproduction, and childbirth.

The OXYTOCIN project was born from our shared belief in the importance of physical and emotional intimacy, coupled with a sense that finding it is sometimes harder than it ought to be.

The landscape of our modern world seems to be pushing people to greater and greater distances, both physically and socially. OXYTOCIN seeks to break down those walls and invite people to reconnect, to inspire and reward authentic presence and bonding between humans in the embodied space.

When people connect inside of OXYTOCIN, it gently comes to life, tuning the environment to the people inside. The structure rewards the connection by evoking sensation (auditory, visual, and somatosensory); enhancing but not distracting from the authentic human connection.



OXYTOCIN has been built with sustainability in mind from day one. We started our deep dive into solar power with the intention of purchasing solar panels, batteries, and management systems on our own. Fortunately, friends from Burners Without Borders and Renewables for Artists stepped in to help simplify this for us. We'll be operating on 100% solar power for the event this year.


Jade, one of the founding members of VALENCE, is so passionate about this element of our shared humanity that she had it permanently inscribed: